David A. Mimms

770-518-2200   David Mimms is chairman of Mimms Enterprises, running the family-owned commercial real estate developer business with his brothers, Lonnie and Robert. David has spent his career in commercial real estate construction. He began his journey by working for three years at Wichita, Kansas-based Eby Construction before deciding to come work alongside his…

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Lonnie Mimms

770-518-2200   Lonnie Mimms has over 35 years of experience working in the Commercial Real Estate industry. In his role as CEO of Mimms Enterprises, his primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, overseeing the company’s fiscal activity and providing strategic direction of the company. Prior to becoming CEO, Mr. Mimms spent 22 years…

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Robert C. Mimms

770-518-2200   Robert Mimms is president of Mimms Enterprises. As a general partner and owner, Rob oversees land acquisition, development, redevelopment, industrial sales and acquisitions, as well as retail sales and acquisitions out of state. Rob joined the family business in 1989. Starting in 2006, Rob spearheaded an average of 70 real estate transactions…

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